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My name is Alex Hogendorp, A 13 year old boy with High-Functioning Autism born August 21, 1999 in Canada, Here I will tell you my story on how my life has gone starting on my Pre-Autism life to my Journey of recovering and a way to stop autism to help this world stay alive and how much of my awareness on autism will increase with some funding.

During my pre-Autism life I started walking and been becoming happy, with the increase of eye contact, it seem how I will start up a normal life until the autism tried to lock me into a world of mine where I was getting lonely and dark being trapped and lost into a maze which is hard on getting out which I was found lining up my toys, I was diagnosed with autism and the doctor used to think it was severe but there was hope, It was unknown on what autism it was part of, I been progressing as much as I could and Started talking since I was 4, The trampoline was putted up but it was heck since I didn't really know how to say "Up" untill I said it, And for the 2nd time, I had no problems, It was something that would help me with my autism, When I was in kindergarten I had an extra school, I was very thankful because If I didn't go to an extre school, I wouldn't be on this Wiki, and this story wouldn't exist, Tantrums were still such a problem since when my ears began bugging me giving me a mild self injuries behaviour it was better during now but It's extremely hard for me to get used to but it improves alot and I get used to it more often, When I was 6, I got roller coaster tycoon, It was a fun game that I loved, even to this day, though at that time I was only capable of completing Forest frontiers, I had understanding of Building Roller coaster and rides but not looking after the park from all the litters and puke, I gotten 99.99% recovered, still 99.99% recovered since July, 8, 2013, I improve alot and started going with the flow alot and hang out with friends and manage to have an interest with pokemon which is anime, I happen to be quite a chatterbox and happen to have friends come over almost every day, My parents started becoming much less strict at 2010, By October 2010, I manage to have extreme interest in Anime and I love anime, I got Call of duty black ops at August 21, 2011, Grand theft auto III at December 26 - 30, 2011, and Grand theft auto IV plus lost and the D***ed and the Ballad of G** tony (I censored the bad words so children wont see it), And manage to have bizzare but non autistic tastes, When I was 7 I gained alot of smartness and managed to be smart at tons of things, A possible chance of my life that I might get an IQ of 200 and over, I manage to watch anime like Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky star to Extremely violent ones like Elfen lied and Higurashi no naku koro ni (Higurashi when they cry In english) I call it by either way, I manage to be an etreme prehistoric fan and manage getting intrests on many heck of things, I still find it alittle difficult to go with the flow by now and seemed to get a bit lazy, but manage to study on variety of things like space, Explosion, Chemicals and ways on discovering many aspects on the universe, Seems like My High functioning autism can be an advantage, Visiting many people's world can be alittle tough but manage to wipe out that problem, I still manage to get angry at a computer for being so slow being kind of impatient, my puzzle skills increase by solving a Rubik's cube (33 Rubik's cube) February 2013, and Solving a V-Cube 7 (7x7 Rubiks cube) on April 2013, I am also a fan of skrillex, I gotten alot of gaming skills like beating Super Mario 3-D land 100% complete and manage to get a Perfect town Rating in Animal crossing, and Understanding on beating the rest of the scenarios on Roller coaster Tycoon and Completed the last mission on GTA IV, though I try to discover many things and discovered the Farlands in Minecraft, By August 2012 I understanded on How I install mods on Minecraft and how I manage to survive a black hole of Roblox's Terrible community and escaped it, I progressed alot and Visited other people's world and How I'd care for them, I understand tons of things but some simple ones I don't, My IQ I think is over 100, By Late June 2013 I started to worry about my autism but I will progress more and never let my autism take over me, You cannot Downgrade to low functioning but you can Upgrade, Though I get overwelmed by some unexpecting loud sounds such as a smoke alarm or fire alarm, it's kind of my problem, Though I managed to get used to it and moved on, By far I will be ending up like a typical person like anyone else, I get proud of my autism in some ways and wipe out some terrible symptoms I don't want.

More to be added soon.

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