Autism: Explaining the Enigma is a book authored by by Uta Frith. She is a developmental psychologist working at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College, London.


The book is divided into twelve chapters dealing with different aspects and issues related to autism:

  • Chapter - 1 What is Autism?
  • Chapter - 2 The Enchantment of Autism
  • Chapter - 3 Lessons from History
  • Chapter - 4 Is there an Autism Epidemic?
  • Chapter - 5 Mind Reading and Mind Blindness
  • Chapter - 6 Autistic Aloneness
  • Chapter - 7 The Difficulty of Taking to Others
  • Chapter - 8 Intelligence and Special Talents
  • Chapter - 9 A Fragmented World
  • Chapter - 10 Sensations and Repetitions
  • Chapter - 11 Seeing the Brain through a Scanner
  • Chapter - 12 A Different Brain - A Different Mind

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