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Logo of ASC

Autism Society Canada (ASC), founded in 1976, is a not-for-profit organization with a vision "that people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) achieve their individual potential and that they and their families have universal access to the resources they require."[1]


The board of directors (2006-2008) of ASC are:

  • Christine Dade, President
  • Michael Lewis, First Vice-President
  • Elizabeth Oliver, Second Vice-President
  • Nancy Adams, CA, Treasurer
  • Lynn Elkin, Secretary
  • Vic Douse, Director
  • Dr. Jeanette Holden, Director
  • Kristian Hooker, Director
  • Sandra McKay, Director
  • Lisa Rawlings, Director
  • Luigi Rocca, Director
  • Lynn Verklan, Director


  1. Autism Society of Canada - Overview

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