This is a list of enemies of those on the Autistic spectrum and their loved ones. Each of these people/organisations are listed because they fulfill the following criteria;

  1. They promote Autism as being caused by vaccines - any vaccine
  2. They promote Autism as being the same as mercury poisoning
  3. They promote Autism as all world bad and needing a cure
  4. They promote Autism as an automatic designation as a homosexual, transgender (not limited to gender dysphoria) or a naturally violent person as a part of the condition and for no other reason
  5. They discriminate against autistics on the basis of the condition (on multiple occasions - not just the once against one person)
  6. They are autistic themselves and behave in a manner that is unacceptable to everyone - and won't listen to reason or even learn from their errors
  7. They support abusive "treatments" such as electroshock therapy

Some of those listed already have articles of their own in this category and are linked accordingly. This list is designed to warn readers that these people are not to be heeded under any circumstances on the subject of the Autistic Spectrum or at the very minimum should be heavily scrutinised and reviewed for their actions and words.