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Christian Weston Chandler (born February 24, 1982 as Christopher Weston Chandler) is an autistic man who has gained severe notoriety with his online antics for which he doesn't acknowledge as an issue for himself or for the Autistic community as a whole. He has also engaged in some real life conduct which has earned him a poor reputation in his community and a criminal record.


Chandler was born in 1982 to parents Robert and Barbara Chandler, an only child to the couple but with half siblings from previous marriages. He allegedly became a mute around 18 months old, and has claimed this was caused by abuse from a babysitter.[1] He lived in Ruckersville, Virginia and started school at Greene County Primary School in 1987.[2] He started talking in 1989 thanks to language training at James Madison University[3] but in 1990 he left Green County[4] and started at Nathanael Greene Elementary School in 1991, promptly getting into trouble and threatened with intensive special education.[5] In 1992, his parents took him out of the school and homeschooled him for a year,[6] before the Chandlers moved to Richmond, Virginia, and Chandler started at Providence Middle School.[7]

It was in 1994 that Chandler changed his name from Christopher to Christian.[8] In 1996 he graduated from Providence and moved up to Manchester High School.[9] He graduated from there without any apparent issues in 2000, and started attending Piedmont Virginia Community College.[10] PVCC wasn't the best college, only offering associate degrees and placing no limitations on applications - but Chandler took five years to complete a two year course for an Applied Science Associate's Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, partly due to a year long suspension from September 2004 to September 2005.[11]

Chandler is adamant that Asperger syndrome and Autism are two totally different conditions when in fact they are not as a support worker named Lori pointed out to him.[12]

Sonic Obsession

Chandler has a special interest, as is a typical Autistic, with Sonic the Hedgehog. This interest appears to have started when he won a Watch and Win Sweepstakes in 1993 at the age of 11.[13] Since that time however his interest has gone well beyond a fixation to an obsession. This obsession has culminated in Sonichu, a ripoff of and a cross between Pikachu and Sonic. Chris has made an online web series about Sonichu which quickly turned into a way for Chris to complain about people he thinks are ruining his life.

Criminal Activities

Chandler has had several run ins with law enforcement, including some that are unable to be found prior to 2010.[14] He was involved in situations that should have also been acted upon in the courts. Over the years he has stalked many women[15] and it is incredible that none have pressed charges.

There were some recorded occasions when Chandler came to the attention of the authorities before 2010. In 2004, Chandler was detained at Charlottesville Fashion Square for loitering, and continually arguing with the staff over a number of months. However no further action was taken except for a ban that at that stage never held.[16] In 2005, Chandler was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing at Target. After two hearings, prosecutors chose to drop the case. Less than a week after that was settled Chandler caused a car accident when he followed another car too closely and rear-ended it. This went to court and he was fined $30 and had to pay $56 in court costs.[17]

The core of the later issues emanates from the fact that Chandler has been banned from several franchises in Virginia of Walmart,[18] The Game Place,[19] Best Buy[20] and Target[21] - and any other establishment that sells Sonic merchandise.

On October 28, 2011 at a now former Game Place franchise, Chandler and his mother injured the owner with a car as part of an altercation that involved Chandler having been banned from the branch since 2008. Police were called and both of them were arrested.[22]. Chandler was charged with failing to stop at the scene of an accident (a Class 5 felony), assault and battery and trespass (both misdemeanors).[23] The misdemeanors were later dropped, but he was indicted on the felony charge.[24] A plea bargain followed reducing the felony charge and he was sentenced to community service, one year of probation, and mandatory psychological treatment and evaluation - with the threat of jail time if he refused to co-operate. There was no fine, but an unknown amount was claimed for the medical expenses of the owner of the store.[25] Consequent to this Chandler went quiet online but returned in October 2011 making the following statement;

I send out this message to all people, especially the Trolls and Cyber-Bullies on the Internet.

I, Christian Weston Chandler, am guilty of a lot of things that have been mistakenly uploaded and leaked online; I have for a long time been stricken and made beyond crestfallen by the repercussions of my actions and words. And great mockery and egging has befallen me for years now, and it seriously needs to stop now. There are no "laughs" longer to be made at my expense, and the running gag is at the end of its tracks. It is better to Forgive and Forget, as told by Jesus, our lord, and is the way of our almighty God. So to everybody who has felt wronged with stuff I have done in the past, I am really, sincerely sorry. All I ask is for everybody's forgiveness and for everybody to forget my mistakes, errors, everything. Please, just forget about me in total; please, disband all online groups and individual hatreds against me; please, remove everything about me off of the Internet, your minds, and your hearts.[26]

But this ended up being an empty apology as his biggest issue came up after this. It was the most recent of record and the one that attracted the biggest punishment.

Chandler reacted badly on the release on the Sonic Boom version of Sonic at the start of October 2014, claiming that Sega had made a monumental mistake painting Sonic's arms blue.[27] It got to the point that he attended a branch of Game Stop, another franchise that had already banned him, and vandalized the Sonic Boom merchandise changing the arms from blue back to it's original tan. An altercation occurred, and Chandler maced the assistant manager with pepper spray.[28] He was later arrested and charged with a Class 6 Felony.[29] He spent three days in jail before posting bail.

There were seven hearings held in all throughout 2015, with the matter finalized in October. Chandler was found guilty, but received a light penalty - a fine of $541 and a 180 day sentence suspended on the proviso that he did not fall foul of the law while on probation.[30] There was no clear indication of how long the probation was for.

In the aftermath of the 2016 United States Presidential election, Chandler foolishly called for the assassination of President elect Donald Trump.[31] He even published a picture of Lego representations of Trump and Vice President elect Mike Pence being hanged.[32] On Facebook, this activity earned Chandler a seven day suspension.[33]

Bob and Barb's legal history

Chandler's parents have a history of legal activity. Bob in particular attempted to sue Greene County, and failed - both originally and on appeal. After an unknown incident that caused Chandler to be thrown out of the Scouts, an attempt was made to sue the Boy Scouts of America for discrimination. A similar reaction came as a result of the 1991 incident mentioned above. A picture taken of Chandler without his permission attracted empty legal threats. Bob also didn't accept any of the bans claiming that they were not private properties, but "business places" and therefore not subject to private property rights.[34] He failed to understand that even public places can ban people when they misbehave, let alone business places.

When Bob died in September 2011, Barb hit the skids fairly quickly. She was involved in the incident on October 28, 2011 and also attracted charges - failing to stop at the scene of an accident alongside her son, as well as assault on a police officer (a Class 6 felony) when she tried to stop the police arresting him.[35] She was indicted on both charges[36] but in the same plea bargain as her son she was sentenced to community service and two years of probation.[37]

In 2016, Barb was sued by a Discover bank in Norfolk for not paying debts. She had represented herself but was sentenced to pay $4,706.93. Five months later, Barb was sued again, this time by Capital One Bank, for the same reason. She didn't attend this hearing and in a Default Judgement she owes Capital One $15,906.99. This is a total debt of over $20,000.[38] Then there's an unserviced mortgage worth $115,000. [39] It could be concluded from this that she doesn't care much about money. This was proven further when Chandler himself posted a plea for money due to the family home's mortgage being due.[40] In April 2017 Barb borrowed from her life insurance to pay more debts.[41]

Recent events and conclusion

To this day, Chandler continues to reject responsibility for his actions. He presently identifies as female calling himself "Christine" and dressing accordingly but without a sex change operation.[42] This would make him a transvestite and not transgender - with no evidence of any diagnosis of gender dysphoria essential to such a claim. Chandler has also attempted to end his bans from Game Stop and Best Buy.[43] Whatever psychiatric treatment was attempted as a consequence of the 2011 criminal incident, it has clearly failed. Chandler is completely confused and has brought this all on himself - this includes any claims to any presence of extensive mental abuse. This does not exist and is at worst an over reaction to the reasonable criticism aimed at him by the members of the Sonichu website. On the front page there is a statement; "Notice: Stop putting conjecture or theories into main pages. Stop outright insulting Chris; he's terrible, we know.".[44] The Encyclopedia Dramatica page is irrelevant to this as many other people have been attacked in the same way and there has been no action taken. Chandler has received no real guidance from either of his parents. He is an embarrassment to the autistic community and a prime example of a combination of parental neglect and personal ignorance of his true condition. He should never be used as an example of an autistic person.