I am one of the many thousands around this great wide world who are on the autistic spectrum. I am a person who when provoked can totally embarrass someone or make them feel welcome wherever I go. I began to show definite signs in 6th grade. I couldn't control my anger and I had difficulties adding 2 number math problems (11+22=33, etc.) I also had problems with money and personal problems that I won't mention here. As I moved on to high school, I began to open up to friends and teachers. I felt like I was finally going somewhere when I was told at the end of my junior year that the school had run out of classes to put me in (I didn't want to take Spanish; they wouldn't put me in a class with my brother because we had been together for so long in both junior high and high school.) I graduated from high school after 16 long years in Panhandle Public Schools--a period of time that I would not trade for anything in the world. I have been involved with Texas Panhandle MHMR since 2001. They have been influential in helping me find a job and keeping my room clean. I haven't had any bad things to say about these people. They have been great. I have a wonderful job at Thriftway grocery and have a family who totally supports my every day....

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