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Oliver Maxwell Canby (born April 10, 1992) is a Los Angeles based blogger who writes a blog about autism called Autism Is Bad. [2] Canby is autistic, and along with his parents, figures in Barbara Firestone's study of autism and its effects on families, Autism Heroes.[3]

Autism is Bad began in 2010, but it has not had a new original entry since August 2015. Much of Canby's attitude towards autism was originally based on the rants of John Best, an American conspiracy theorist and autism denialist, but later developing an individual life of it's own through mental illness denialism. He is adamant that autism must be cured as it is a "horrendous disease", completely ignoring autism's established genetic basis,[4] and the positive contributions that some autistic people have made to history and science.[5]


Canby was born in 1992 and has described his childhood as embarrassing. His family has deep connections to the legal profession. His father Nathan is a lawyer,[6] his mother Cathy is a court associate and his grandfather is District Court judge William Canby Junior, who presently sits on the Court of Appeals on the Ninth Circuit.[7] Canby has constantly claimed that any legal issues he encountered would be looked after by his grandfather, admitting to "personal ties" to the Circuit.[8]

As a child, Canby met all of developmental milestone within what is considered normal time except for one: he was not toilet trained until he was five years old.[9] He blames this late development on his autism. He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when he was six years old,[10] although he contradicts that diagnosis with the claim that he was "intellectually disabled".[11] This diagnosis would only have been possible by meeting all other basic developmental milestones, so his late toilet training was not related to this. He claims he was embarrassed by things like "Booing Raffi",[12] playing "Sparky"[13] and mixing up "doctor" with "drive"[14] - matters he blames on his condition, when in fact they had very little to do with this reaction.

Canby pulled a knife on his teacher when he was 11 years old,[15] presumably at Coldwater Canyon Prep school which he claims to have attended.[16] This resulted in his being sent to Village Glen School,[17] a school for children on the Autistic spectrum. He completed most of his education there, except for a six month period where he attended University High School. He claims that he obtained a high school diploma after that six month period as a part of the Class of 2010,[18] a claim that has been challenged and never verified; in fact he has admitted that he didn't graduate.[19] More recently he claims to have attended Santa Monica College from 2012 to 2014[20]. After being challenged to produce his diploma yet again in early 2016, Canby stated that he would provide it on March 2, 2016.[21][22] He failed to deliver on his promise.

Canby's work history is curious, including places such as El Clasificado, Dollar Tree, Cricket Wireless, Adelabu's and Brain Injury Magazine.[23] Adelabu's is unlikely as it is located in Barbados.[24] Within the Work and Education section on Facebook, Canby also claims to be a stroke survivor but there is no evidence of this either.

Attitude towards sex and Autism

On numerous occasions, Canby bemoaned the fact that he was a virgin, wrote that his struggle to lose his virginity made him feel autistic,[25] and claimed he needed to have his autism cured in order to be able to become sexually active.[26][27] He argued that being a virgin was "intolerable in American society" and suggested there was a certain age by which people should lose their virginity.[28] He once claimed he would trade his high IQ just so he could get laid.[29] He once propositioned an autistic woman, in the hope that they could lose their virginity together.[30]

His most outrageous claim is "the right to have sex is guaranteed by the UN"[31]; needless to say, the United Nations has made no such edict. He observed this in the wake of an English court restricting a 29 year old woman from sexual activity due to mental incompetence.[32] This is combined with a fetish for EKGs[33] which is delusional to say the least. Canby believes that there is no law against having sex at any age as it is "unconstitutional",[34] and yet in his own state of California, Penal Code 261.5 clearly indicates otherwise[35] prohibiting any act of sex under the age of 18 outside of marriage.

On June 13, 2011 he claimed to have lost his virginity, seemingly to a girl called Liliana Valladolid.[36][37] Previously to this he had consistently claimed he would use chelation to cure himself of his Autism, but after he lost his virginity he claimed he no longer needed it,[38] insinuating that having sex cured him of his autism. Someone claiming to be Liliana appeared on another blog and denied having sex with Oliver.[39]

In a disgusting claim on December 12, 2015, Canby claimed that Autistics are "subhuman"[40][41] in complete defiance of every human right in existence.

Canby also showed that he has no respect for women's right to choose regarding having a abortion - calling it murder. Further, he agreed with Senator Todd Akin's controversial 2012 remark saying "As Congressman Todd Akin wonderfully said, "If it's a legitimate rape, she has a way to shut that thing down."" Akin later withdrew the comment but one assumes Canby won't.[42][43] One female ally quickly turned on Canby as a result of this claim.[44]

28th Amendment

Constitution of the United States, page 1

On August 26, 2015, Canby posted an entry on his blog announcing the proposal of a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.[45] It reads;

1. Anyone who supports, engages in, or partakes in neurodiversity shall be put to death by lethal injection.
2. The constitutional principle of "due process" does not apply in cases of neurodiversity. Execution shall be carried out immediately following conviction.

Canby claimed that three Congresswomen supported his proposal and had referred it to a Congressional committee.[46] He pressed his proposal as legal and legitimate, and completely ignored the comprehensive slaughter of it on another blog.[47] He even claimed that the proposal passed Congress on October 7, 2015 and is now in the hands of the states for ratification[48] despite there being absolutely no coverage of this in the media at all. His explanation for the lack of coverage on websites such as C-Span and Media Matters, and newspapers such as the Washington Post is "The websites you provide have a liberal bias and cannot be trusted."[49] His explanation for the lack of notes on the Congress website is "The general public does not have access to Congressional records due to national security"[50] - completely ignoring the reality of the access to said records.[51]

Within these comments, Canby also gives a clear opinion in general with regard to the general concept of the death penalty. He believes that murdering a murderer is correct and in fact a positive human value when he says "I believe it adds more value to it: that if you take away someone's life, then you don't deserve to have one yourself."[52] and "The death penalty is absolutely not for cowards. It is a just punishment for those who commit murder."[53]. But he provides nothing in the way of proof that there has been any death as a result of neurodiversity in any way. He also claims that "It should also be noted that countries without the death penalty have much higher crime rates, including murder."[54] but again without any proof.

When challenged for proof, Canby claims that Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger and Chris Harper-Mercer were all believers in neurodiversity[55] and this caused them to commit the crimes that they did despite there being no proof that Rodger was autistic and there is only speculation over Harper-Mercer. Lanza, according to his father, rejected his diagnosis[56] which is inconsistent with Canby's claim. At the same time, Canby also claimed that the murders of autistic children by their parents can also be laid at the feet of neurodiversity. This is again inconsistent and reveals that Canby does not truly understand either neurodiversity or the autism spectrum.

In an amazing fit of pique, Canby deleted all of his comments from this entry when the number of total comments reached 398. The first comment after this deletion was yet another claim of a pending "execution"[57][58] and then the appalling claim that "I still think that denying someone a cure is akin to denying them their life" in reply to the suggestion that autism should be made illegal and forcibly cured - a classic human rights abuse. Canby also believes Neurodiversity to be a cult and not a form of diversity, and for this reason it should be suppressed.[59][60]

On December 15, 2015, Canby added a third paragraph to his proposal;[61][62]

3. Anyone in Australia who supports, partakes in, or engages in neurodiversity shall be extradited to the United States, and be beheaded without the benefit of a trial.

This addition added further to the myth of the proposal as it gave "long arm jurisdiction over another independent democratic country that has no direct relationship in governance with Washington DC or any of the 50 states",[63] a classic case of denying a country it's sovereignty.

Someone called Ruby suggested that Canby was telling the truth about the progress of the Amendment, but was lied to by the offices of the Congresswomen involved.[64] This would seem unlikely however. To this day there is no record of any such proposal to amend the United States Constitution.

On March 12, 2016, Canby closed the entry to comments, stating "I am going to lock down this thread now as everyone is abusing their commenting privileges" in a rather obvious attempt to deny others their Freedom to speak.[65][66]

But in early January, 2017, Canby admitted in an interview that he knew there was no chance the Amendment would ever be considered and called it symbolism.[67]

Criminal and civil issues

CourtBuilding sm

Over a number of years, Canby has made statements or has apparently done things in real life that by rights should have had him arrested under the Californian Penal Code. He certainly appears to have a violent streak in him, given his admission of the knife incident when he was 11 - and he has issued veiled threats on his blog.[68] A full opinion exists[69] including which parts of the Penal Code he has violated. The only violation within this opinion that has some visible back up is incorporated in the decision in a defamation lawsuit filed by Phil Gluyas[70] where a direct incitement to murder is mentioned in paragraph 36 of the decision. The gruesome nature of the threat may well say a lot about Canby's psyche. Within the same decision, statements of fact by Canby were ruled defamatory and damaging to the character of the victim. This case did receive some media coverage.[71][72][73][74]

Also, in full detail, a strongly worded opinion piece has been put forward showing that Canby is at the very least a possible terrorist against the autistic community,[75] revealed in his 28th Amendment proposal.

A claim exists that two comments in this blog entry have been deleted,[76][77][78] apparently due to more defamation linked to the aforementioned court decision.[79] Canby however completely denies that anything has been deleted,[80][81][82][83][84] even when a known friend points out the fact.[85] Upon the evidence on his blog though it certainly seems there is truth to the claim as the deleted comments appear on another blog[86] and a Word Press blog page has also noted where the deleted comments were.[87]

On October 27, 2015, Canby issued another death threat. This was against an anonymous user commenting on his blog under the name "Neurodiversity".[88] Then another death threat was issued to another anonymous user called "Hunter" on November 4, 2015.[89] And then on December 4, 2015 yet another death threat was made to "Troy Mullane", followed by yet another on December 8, 2015. On December 15, 2015, another death threat was made to Phil Gluyas, claiming that he can do it because of Elonis v United States.[90][91] Another blogger published an entry on his blog refuting this claim.[92] Meanwhile, Canby issued more threats towards Gluyas on December 17[93][94], December 27[95][96], December 28[97][98], December 29[99][100] and December 30[101][102] before continuing into 2016 on January 2[103][104] and January 3.[105][106] When challenged on the intent, Canby invoked the United States Fifth Amendment.[107][108] However when someone rather foolishly threatened Canby with death and told him "You threatened others with death just before! Don't do it if you can't take it!"[109][110] he stated in reply "I'm not threatening, I'm simply stating what I'm going to do",[111][112] demonstrating the true nature of his death threats. Google finally removed the threats in late November 2017.[113]

All this violent conduct contradicts a claim Canby made in August 2010 when he said, "Andrew, murder is never acceptable, even if it's someone you don't like. You'd know that if you read the Ten Commandments."[114] It should be noted that Canby's Facebook timeline is littered with notes from the game "Criminal Case" indicating a probable autistic fixation with it.[115][116][117][118] This attitude appears to go back to the knife incident when he was 11 and the lack of corrective treatment for it.

Canby and religion

Canby claimed to have been "saved by Jesus"[119], and claimed at one point to be leaning towards evangelical Christianity in a comment that has been deleted and not preserved.

Canby is no fan of Islam and has made strongly Islamophobic statements. When confronted with the charge that his proposed amendment to the Constitution making the promotion of neurodiversity a capital offence (see above) was akin to terrorism, he responded that "a terrorist, by definition, is a Muslim who kills other people for being either Christian or Jewish," and claimed that "Islam is illegal and has been since 9/11."[120] Canby also claims that Barack Obama is a Muslim who supports ISIS.[121]


Canby is homophobic. He relies on Leviticus 18:22 as though it is law[122] and takes offence to the autism rights movement's comparison of the plight of autistics with the plight of gay people[123]. He once stated that homosexuality should be outlawed[124].

When discussing any person that Canby knows or believes to be gay, he promptly presents the fact as an all encompassing negative - as he did with autistic author Daniel Tammet.[125] He also uses it as a reverse insult.[126] Curiously though, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal, Canby did not publicly react on social media platforms or his blog. One woman alleged that Canby is gay, based on her apparently excellent "gaydar".[127] Another woman, claiming to be named Meghan - a former student and classmate of Canby's at the Village Glen School - confirmed that he was gay.[128]

In a curious situation, Canby insisted on spelling "straight" when referencing not being gay "S-T-R-A-I-T"[129][130][131] and refused to correct it when this error was pointed out.[132] But much later when he finally started spelling it correctly he outrightly denied making the error to begin with, and directly threatened one person who pointed this anomaly out.[133][134]

Other claims

From the very beginning of his blog, Canby had detested neurodiversity - claiming that this attitude originated from Jonathan Mitchell[135], and he claims that he was poisoned into autism by mercury laden vaccines consistent with the John Best belief regarding thiomersal. At the same time he accused the British medical authorities investigating Andrew Wakefield of paying The Lancet to withdraw Wakefield's controversial study.[136] A claim to being chelated within a month by Best proved to be hot air. Canby also supported the controversial "Talk About Curing Autism" (TACA) charity that runs the annual "Ante up for Autism" fundraiser - not noticing that the charity has apparently been supporting families directly and doesn't live up to its name of supporting a cure.[137]

To back up Canby's bigoted attitude towards autism, he confirmed that autistics should be segregated in the education system[138] and that he was an example of it working using his experience at Village Glen School as proof. Throughout his blog though the holes in his education are obvious, which means it didn't work. He claimed for instance that any school that is not run by government but gets government funding is a non-public school, and not a private school in a comment that has since been deleted and not recorded, and yet the argument exists that all private schools get some sort of government support, meaning that there is no private education at all. Canby also claimed that he has the mental capacity of two year old[139] without knowing that at that age he could not possibly have created the blog. Canby sees autistics as naturally inferior to "normals", broken and defective and he uses this to justify a cure,[140] when in fact he is engaging in bigotry against a section of the human race. Canby even stated that autism is "scientifically proven to be a disease"[141][142] without any proof of this claim. And yet he contradicted himself when he said that "People do not want autism gone from society" and then in the very next sentence says; "They want it cured", which amounts to the same thing.[143][144]

Canby supports the original Autism Speaks version of Autism Awareness Day believing it to support a cure, but it has been about other matters - in 2015 for instance the day was about employing those on the Autistic spectrum, as stated by the Secretary General's 2015 message.[145] Canby believes The Vaccine Myth, and ignores the fact that diseases are diagnosed through the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) (the long held standard of diagnosing conditions on the Autistic spectrum) has nothing to do with diseases. The ICD only lists autism as a related health problem under "Pervasive developmental disorders",[146] and the latest ICD-10 does not take into account the DSM-5.

The bigotry goes wider than autism. For instance, all residents of Oregon are "commy, tree-hugging whackjobs"[147] and he admires Ann Coulter[148] and Bill O'Reilly.[149]

Another outrageous claim made by Canby was that "English is only spoken in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand."[150] This was a follow up to a claim that no one speaks English in Korea at all.[151] This was rightly challenged, and Canby went even lower claiming that Egyptians speaking English in Cairo during the over throw of the government at the time (2011) was Arabic overdubbed in English to fool American TV viewers.[152]

Canby also claimed in 2011 that "The US constitution applies world wide via the Internet" in another attack on the sovereignty of other countries.[153]

Canby will also lie about famous people. He claimed that former Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp was running the TACA fundraiser in 2010[154] when he never even attended let alone ran it.[155] He attempted to undiagnose Susan Boyle[156] with no qualifications and in the face of a formal diagnosis.[157] Canby also describes a time at a Bruce Springsteen concert when he claims "he pointed to me while he was singing Born to Run. He also made direct eye contact with me, which is proof that he knew I was autistic and had turned the lites on just to help me",[158] in order to deflect the Autistic community calling for a boycott of Springsteen for his performance at an Autism Speaks fundraiser. In the same entry, Canby also claims to suffer from alektorophobia - a fear of chickens - but he also claims that this is common within the autistic community without any proof. Canby claimed to have spoken to a convicted terrorist[159] but there is nothing to prove the claim against Dr Russell Welch, or that the incident even occurred.


All of the above evidence concludes that Oliver Canby is autistic, but refuses to adjust to the condition as appropriate to maximise it's positives and nullify it's negatives as much as possible. The conduct described in this article appears consistent with a rejection of said diagnosis in spite of his admission that he has it. Various opinions exist on his psych.[160][161][162][163] In February 2011 Canby even stated that he hated children.[164] Oliver Canby should not be listened to under any circumstances on the subject of autism. Contrary to his claims, he is insane (and he even admitted this[165][166][167]) and he is not intelligent and the facts expressed in the previous section prove this. He is an enemy to the autistic community for these reasons and can be considered extremely dangerous given that he has admitted to owning an AK-47.[168][169]

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