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Parenting Your Asperger Child: Individualized Solutions for Teaching Your Child Practical Skills offers practical solutions for parents with children who have Asperger syndrome. The book is authored by Alan Sohn, a school psychologist and was a consultant to the Bucks County Intermediate Unit Autistic Program for around two decades. The co-author, Cathy Grayson is a teacher at Bucks County Intermediate Unit and has exposure to teach all levels of the autistic spectrum for more than twenty years.

The authors present a number of practical solutions that assist the parents of children with autism and related disorders for a meaningful social interaction outside the limitations of the autistic confines. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The six features of Asperger syndrome;
  • Identifying a child’s particular type of Asperger syndrome, including the ways to deal with the same;
  • Discussion on understanding the ways in which a child with Asperger syndrome views and interprets the world;
  • Skill sets to learn from a crisis, and surviving the same;
  • Guidelines to schools for teaching children with Asperger syndrome

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