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These sources are in the aggregated podcastsEdit

  • The sources below (in "No filter used" and "Filters used") are in the aggregated podcast feed here: Podcast (see "subscribe" and "view" links).

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Filters usedEdit

Problems (not included in current feed)Edit

Add the following sources to the aggregated podcastsEdit

unfiltered podcasts to be addedEdit autism diva neurodiversity photoninthedarkness Autism Research Blog: Translating Autism Look me in the eye - John Robison

filtered podcasts to be addedEdit Applied Behavior Analysis: Current Topics

Solicitation to add to listsEdit

Anyone: feel free to add to these lists. I'll periodically check for updates and incorporate changes into the yahoo pipe. Also, I'd like suggestions for filter text for inclusion/exclusion. I'm already using these for inclusion: autism, autistic, Asperger.

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