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Tia Severino is a mother of an Autistic boy and believes that his Autism was caused by vaccines. She is a supporter of alternative, unproven and cheap medical practices including Hyperbaric Chambers and cheap prescription drugs.


Severino was educated at Santa Monica College in the late 1990's with points in music.[1] She later attended Pepperdine University studying creative writing and screenwriting. She released one CD called Jade in 2008[2] that seemed to have stiffed and she has done nothing else. She moved from California to Georgia where she presently resides.[3] She is married to William Severino and has two children, one of whom is Autistic. She carries no scientific qualifications whatsoever, which is understandable when you consider that Pepperdine University is a religious university affiliated with the Churches of Christ.[4] In 2015 Washington Monthly rated the University 183rd with a rating of 39 out of 100.[5] This makes a mockery of Severino's claim that it is "prestigious",[6] not to mention the fact that in the United States the Churches of Christ have a relationship with the Southern Baptists, including the likes of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

Anti Vaccine

In late March 2016, Severino became involved in the debate over the decision by the Tribeca Film Festival to cancel the showing of the Andrew Wakefield film, "Vaxxed". In supporting a petition on calling for it's restoration to the schedule, Severino attacked opponents of the film - in particular Melanie Jewell and Phil Gluyas.

In attacking Jewell, Severino pointed out that anti vaxxers were "a vast amount of people who know FIRST HAND that vaccines cause harm" as well as claiming "thousands of children" having Autism, seizures, brain injury and dying from vaccines[7] without a shred of proof.

When Gluyas sprang to Jewell's defence, Severino tried to attack him calling his Facebook profile "fake" and Gluyas told her to Google his name.[8] Severino showed her enemy status when she described Gluyas and Autism itself as "severely brain damaged". This reflects badly on her attitude towards her own son who she claims is verbal and toilet trained and also home schooled - and claims to "recover him from the toxic exposure" using "supplements like vitamins and probiotics".[9]. Gluyas corrected her on all points[10] and another person criticised her use of organic food without guidance from a nutritionist.[11]

Medical Practices

Severino, despite having no medical qualifications, worked at the Hyperbaric Therapy Center from 2004 to 2008 in marketing and other areas.[12] The Center claims to be able to treat Autism[13] but it's doctor is a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. It also supports the views of Jenny McCarthy.

In 2008 Severino began a company called AID 4 AUTISM. She has claimed that it is "an event planning business specializing in awareness campaigns which include an annual music festival and a documentary film bringing the most current information about autism with an emphasis on solutions and hope."[14]. But independent sources confirm that it was in fact a cheap prescription drug group stating that;

"We are committed to providing you with affordable and quality medications at a fraction of the regular cost. We can help you beat the high cost of prescription drugs. All our medications are legal, FDA approved products for the US, ensuring their quality and safety. We carry the same brand name and generic medications found in your local pharmacy, but at amazingly low prices. We provide you with personal service and our professional expertise to find the best mediation for you, at the lowest cost to you. Consult our complete medication price list and see how much you can save. Order now and start saving on your prescription medications."[15][16][17]

The official website for AID 4 AUTISM is owned by Sudeep Banerjee[18], a person who has no relationship whatsoever with Severino. The website has been active since at least 2010 with the redirect to the core site[19] adding to the evidence of a lie by Severino as to the true calling of her group. It is believed that the group is now defunct and Zoom Info have deleted the profile. But it's stench remains.


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