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    I'm back

    April 19, 2018 by TLPG

    I've just returned after being globally blocked for three days. This was as it turned out an error as the blocker thought I'd ignored an instruction from some time ago to delete the Yuval Levental article. He then discovered that I had negotiated it's return and fixed the issues they had with the original version. The apology was issued and I'm back in action. Thank goodness. The image that was removed from the Levental article will be returning - once I clarify the definition of fair use of images in the eyes of Fandom/Wikia. I may use another public image but we'll see.

    I know who reported me, because of this on the Community Wikia;

    Somebody I know who has mental issues has a slander page against him on Wikia. How can I argue, if possible,…

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    The merger

    November 19, 2016 by TLPG

    Just recently my application to merge two other Wikia sites into this one was successful. The first - the Asperger Wikia - had been inactive for more than two years. Given that the DSM-5 has rendered the Asperger syndrome diagnosis as obsolete, it made sense to redirect anyone left to here where it is all banded together as it should be.

    The second - the Exposing Neurodiversity Wikia - is something of a victory for common sense. Originally it was created as a vehicle to promote neurodiversity as a bad thing by Yuval Levental. When I found the Wikia in a web search I went over there and challenged him on the claim. He promptly deleted everything and abandoned the Wikia. I tried to resurrect it, but then I figured it would be better to apply …

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    Da Update!

    October 14, 2016 by TLPG

    It's been awhile, as my other special interest (football) took over as it usually does during the southern Winter. I have continued to do minor edits to various articles, mostly about people adding bits and pieces including some sources and so forth. I've been doing a little bit of offline work, and that resulted in yesterday's upload of a fresh Autistic enemy article on Christian Chandler.

    I intend to look again at the base articles as soon as possible, especially after John Elder Robison published a tremendous piece that followed up on the work of Steve Silberman on the history of the Autistic spectrum. I'm likely to incorporate this into a number of articles including Asperger syndrome, Autism, Hans Asperger and possibly some other artic…

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    Just a few minutes ago, I deleted an article and banned a user for spamming - or rather inserting useless information into the main space of this Wikia. The article was totally inappropriate for the main space, and at best looked like a fictional contribution better suited to either a personal blog or a user's name space as it appeared to be a special interest. I'm all for expressed one's special interests on this Wikia, but not in the main space. The main space is for information specific to the Autistic community and it needs to be real and not fantasy.

    As the user concerned did not return despite invitations to do so, it would appear on present evidence that he or she was a troublemaker - or more likely a troll looking for attention. I d…

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    Switching to Infoboxes

    February 5, 2016 by TLPG

    One thing Wikia is generally encouraging is the Infobox. This is one of the problems on my plate that is proving hard to work through, as I need to group articles not just by category but also by Infobox. It's going to be a long job but hopefully I'll make some in roads between now and mid February.

    At present there are two active infoboxes - for people and for books. I'm presently working through the books and when that's done I'll be fixing up the people - of which some have already been done previously.

    Meanwhile there is one thing I would encourage other members to do - and that's find some pictures for the articles on the 50 states. They need to individually identify the state in some special way - lateral thinking if you like (typicall…

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