I've changed the look slightly going with green instead of pale blue because it stood out more. I've also moved the Wikia logo from the main page to the Wordmark so it can be seen on every page.

Also, to encourage participation - I've activated the Wikia badges set up. I've seen it in action on the Pro Wrestling Wikia and I think it would be a good addition here.

Just as a final note - the Wiki is in a state of flux at the moment. So I ask that no one make any major changes to articles or add new articles for the time being while I sort the Wiki out properly. I said to the previous admin last November that there were heaps of problems and it's going to take some time to fix them. The last thing I need is additional pages and substantive edits to take into account. It amounts to a disruption to my routine so please - if you're determined to do something substantive, check in with me if you wouldn't mind.

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