20 Top things you should never say to a autistic

20.That is so dumb/stupid. (special interest)

19.You can't be autistic.

18.Stop stimming it's embarrassing.

17.(Special interest) won't last for forever.

16.Shut up crybaby. (Meltdown)

15.Do you hear that (something that could be cause of Autism) causes Autism?

14.Don't worry Autism Speak will find a cure in no time.

13.Do take meds for that?

12.You must be very high functioning.

11.Do you have special diets?

10.Grow up!

9.But your so normal.

8.Why are you so into (special interest)?

7.Is Autism concise?

6.Can't you grow out of it?

5.Why can't you just deal with lights/noise/etc?

4.You're stupid.

3.You're weird.

2.(Any other put downs.)

1.Why can't you be normal?

Others by the comments

  • "You have a disease. Go away." -TLPG

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