If you enjoy being autistic don't read you'll cry.

Today I saw this video on YouTube. It was a RANT about Autism. She was talking about how she was watching Autism vids she came across one that I think was a girl named Rosie King, she was inspiring me loving my Autism. I did like my world, I did love my creative, I love to write, I love Wander Over Yonder, I loved that I had Autism. So she (ranter) thought that is wrong and that she changed her bother for anything. I also been called stupid (twice), a B (the bad word), Freak (same person who called me stupid), mean (same person), Alien (by a Apsie), and today a bully. There was also things I hated being Autistic. No one understands me, I not good a spelling, and more. I can't believe this.

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