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Yuval Levental is an Autistic person who studied in France and lives in East Lansing, Michigan in the United States[1][2].


Levental was born in either 1992 or 1993 and was originally diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in the summer of 2008 at the age of 15.[3] Levental originally believed in the proper definition of neurodiversity, but after not becoming the genius he expected to be[4] he dumped the concept and has more recently been trying to promote it as a damaging belief. He claimed that he didn't adjust to his condition for five years from the ages of 15 to 20, proven by the assertion that "I was told for years by various individuals that it was my own fault that I couldn’t keep up with the growing amounts of work."[5] It was his fault for not seeking the help he needed to overcome that problem. Despite this issue, he claims to have graduated from East Lansing High School in 2010 "with honors", as well as achieving a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering (again "with honors") and a Master's Degree in electronics from ESIEE in Paris, France, as well as previously taking courses in Communication Systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Senior Design, Electromagnetics and Biomedical Signal Processing at Michigan State University.[6] He would not have achieved this if he had not been on the Autistic spectrum. He also claims to be taking potassium supplements to help with his Autism,[7] when in fact there is no proof of such assistance existing.


Levental doesn't believe in the science of Neurodiversity, and claims it harms autistics using Jonathan Mitchell as an example.[8] He started a site on Wikia called "Exposing Neurodiversity", but he abandoned it when he was challenged on his views (that Wikia has subsequently been merged with this one). His chief goal is to prove his views to be correct. Thus far he has failed to do so.

Levental had an article published at referencing Microsoft's support for diversity in employment of Autistics.[9] This can be argued as Microsoft engaging the Autistic community in recognising the Neurodiversity concept. However, Levental attacked this, concluding that "While this program will help some people with autism, it is more a way for Microsoft to gain attention for glorifying autism as being an advantage than to find a genuine way to resolve the problems of most autistic individuals."[10]


Levental has promoted Jonathan Mitchell as the true face of autism and the failure of neurodiversity by editing against the rules of "Conflict of Interest" an article on Mitchell on Wikipedia in 2016,[11] including trying to promote it as a featured article on no less than three occasions for extra publicity.[12][13][14] He also considers that autism should be made "illegal" and should a cure be found everyone should be forced to use it[15] and effect the eugenic elimination of the Autistic community.

In order to achieve this, he has tried to discredit the retrospective diagnosis of Albert Einstein but failing to take into account that the changes to the DSM in 2013 countered this fake "Einstein Syndrome" into near oblivion.

He has also attacked the articles of more prominent autistic people such as Jim Sinclair, Temple Grandin and John Elder Robison - and has tried to get the articles on Sinclair[16] and Robison[17] deleted. This is because it was the Sinclair paper "Don't Mourn For Us" that was the catalyst to the term "neurodiversity" and because Robison expands on that concept. He followed up with nominations for the similarly inclined Amy Sequenzia[18] as well as Autistic Pride Day,[19] Autism Network International[20] and Wrong Planet.[21] When that failed it appears in a fit of pique he decided to vandalise Wikipedia and got a 31 hour block for it.[22]

In late October Levental created a new article on Matthew Belmonte - on the basis of Belmonte's claim that neurodiversity was a "dangerous distraction".[23] Belmonte is pro cure,[24] presented as another attempt by Levental to promote autism as bad. When a notability tag was added[25] Levental resorted to using an IP from his local community college in Lansing[26] to add material to try and counter it.[27] He gave himself away by reverting an edit[28] that was made by another user, restoring two edits he made under his actual account.[29] This act was reported to Wikipedia's Sock Puppet Investigation (SPI) page[30] where he admitted to socking.[31] He was warned as a result.[32]

At the beginning of December, Levental created two more articles in the same vein - David Miedzianik[33] and Jill Escher.[34] Miedzianik is a negatively affected autistic[35] much like Jonathan Mitchell, while Escher denies the genetic basis of the spectrum in favour of drug induced causation as distinct from The Vaccine Myth. She is also a long time supporter and collaborator of Autism Speaks.[36] Levental then tried to remove the reference of "little professors" from the History of Asperger Syndrome article, claiming Asperger never made the claim[37] when in fact there were four sources that showed clearly that he did.[38] He finally backed down when another user added a fifth source.[39]

Of note, Levental also applied to have the Black Pride article deleted[40] and claimed on the talk page of White Pride that whites have created many useful items insinuating that non whites have done nothing notable.[41] He attempted to promote Adolf Hitler as a key retrospective autism diagnosis candidate by placing him ahead of Isaac Newton and others.[42] He was also a supporter of the campaign of Donald Trump[43] but for reasons unknown withdrew his support less than month before the election.[44] This appears to be suspicious behaviour.

In March 2017, Levental attempted to restore criticism of Steve Silberman,[45] only to have it reverted with the edit summary "Discuss proposed additions on talk page. This is massively undue weight."[46]

On June 20, 2016, Levental - under the name "Y L" (this was confirmed by his friend Mitchell)[47] - started a petition calling on the Autism Society of America to remove Steve Silberman from their keynote speaker list at their conference on July 16.[48] In the petition text, Levental uses Jonathan Mitchell as a source to try to prove Silberman to be a bad person, when in fact Silberman has told the truth and Levental is unable to prove otherwise. The petition failed and was closed with just 97 supporters on July 15, 2016.[49] Silberman himself commented when the petition was advertised by another party on the Wrong Planet forum, advising that the petition starter had "berated" him for over a year. [50] Another poster advised that Silberman's appearance went ahead.[51] However that didn't stop Levental from trying again to stop Silberman from a keynote address - this time to the Victorian Autism Conference in Australia on September 1, 2016.[52] Phil Gluyas, who resides in Victoria, posted an entry of his blog confirming Silberman's attendance and countering the claims in the petition as well as asserting that the petition was a violation of's policies.[53] As before this petition also failed, attracting only 14 signatures, and Silberman's appearance went ahead again.[54]

Battered Man Syndrome

Levental has contributed articles to Battered Man, apparently claiming that he has been abused himself. In one article he defends Christian Chandler without realising that Chandler's conduct is unacceptable even for an Autistic.[55] However "Brian" - without proof - appeared to contradict this claim.[56] In mid May 2015, Levental volunteered to go on a hunger strike "to raise awareness about the reality of Autism and masculinity" as well as promote a book by "an unemployed autistic author" (presumably Jonathan Mitchell's Mu Rhythm Bluff). He claimed to want to do it for a minimum of 2 to 3 days to get around 300 people to buy the book through Kindle.[57] There is no evidence that the strike went ahead. Levental's membership of an anti misandry site (now defunct[58]) is also suspicious on the back of the unproven claim by "Brain".

Plastic Surgery

Levental noted an article about a study claiming the facial features of autistics being different to that of neurotypical people.[59] He used this to try plastic surgery as a treatment and claims that botox relieved pressure above his nose and improved his autistic symptoms.[60] This claim has not been verified, especially as facial features are also crucial in the identification of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.[61] Levental apparently had breathing difficulties through the nose which was likely totally unrelated to his Autism and at worst was causing a sensory overload[62] that the botox resolved. On his You Tube channel, Levental claims that the surgery in fact cured his autism and he also claimed that he was the first to be cured.[63] There is no proof that he has been cured, nor was he the first to make the claim given the number of supporters of The Vaccine Myth who have also claimed to have cured their children of Autism.


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